Learn to walk before you dance あなたが踊る前に歩くことを学ぶ

il_570xN.675372923_8j7vYou must learn your basics first. Budo is a very beautiful piece of art if you are trying to just do budo you are missing key points to your training. You cannot paint or do art without first understanding shapes as simple as circle,square,triangle basic geometric composition . And basic colors yellow,blue and red that later can be transformed into a great piece of art.

In your training you can look into the movement of budo (warrior art) but go back to your basics and study. Look into your 9 schools and look at the structure how your body shapes and moves to create kukan. You will learn that your body and movement will create the openings . You will always need to go back to the basics to become new or fresh again in your own movement that over time will create better budo .


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