Gods eyes 神々 の目

Soke%20SakkiReal budo isn’t the the technique (waza) or variation of movement (henka) . True budo has a depth that penatrates your soul. It has its grounds set deep in repedative motion and understanding the human body from is psych to its muscles, yours and your attackers.
Your budo requires you to go beyond your senses to a place that we seem to all have lost till good true budo or an event draws it out . It is a primal function in life that is no longer needed in our overly complacent lives . Our will to see beyand, to survive and perceive danger . This is Saiki ( 佐伯). It is used in the Bujinkan during a test administired at the 5th degree ,godan level . Where a high level instructor sends his intent to strike you while you kneel infront of them. He then chooses a moment to strike you with a bamboo sword. Your job is to know the distance to sit for the test and receive it without flinching or worries. Your minds eye should be in tune and perceive this and move only when the danger is at its worst.
Dont hesitate or stay too late ,if you move to fast you could be cut . The attacker will see your movement and change with you . Move too late and your senses need to be honed..you are not intune yet with death or life.
At our dojo we train this sense by training blindfolded. There are many levels of this training. And you are the one with the answers. Be true to your self ( 自分に忠実 )and your budo  .
The levels to depth:
Sense the attacker
Sense the threat ,when he moves closer or readies to punch
Kwow where he is ,do not loose him and his angle of attack
Sense the timing of his attack
Block or move defensively
Knowing all this know your ditance to the danger and you can reach to touch the punch

This is basic to the Bujinkan godan and it can help to elivate your awareness. No a punch or an attack is much easier to deal with . You can loose many of the thoughts that might interupt your movement and reaction of the oncoming interuption in your movent . And this is not just for physical attacks this goes deeper to your heart and handling life and situations . Your death is your life and your life is your heart to understand the metaphysical.


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