No connection 接続なし

   Old001Too many times there is too much of a connection in what we are trying to do. We are thinking of a result or worst yet an end (エンド)to the begining. The begining is just there but the end is endless . If you are searching for the end than you are too busy to see everything betweeen. Your mind must stay clean of vituous and unvertuous thoughts Munen, zero no thought( ない心 ). Allow the journey to carry you don’t be carried by the journey .You may be keeping yourself closer to death than you know ( 成句) meaning that if you are looking to far into the future you might see your demise,your death .Stay alive in the moment and keep living it .

      Think along the lines of Kihon Happo The end is the begining and the beging can be the end .. From spring blooms growth till falls death nourishes the soil for the next spring .Make both ends meet ( 収支を合わせる, 収入の範囲内でやっていく ).

      This is life this is your budo connection from one to the next never really ending just continuing in another space or time ..without end ( 果てしなく[い]).

      Soke Hatsumi has said to not give 100% give only 60% and save 40 for what comes next. Keeping yourself alive is key and not just through budo and training in all matters of your life . Blinders on horses are ment to keep them only looking forward giving the horse a false sense of its journey . We are far greater than a horse but some still enjoy blinders by seeing only one thing or consentrating too hard on future endeavors . Work hard,stay true and keep your techniques simple. Allow the future to wash over you and take note of it allow life to flourish and and your eyes ( mind, senses )open to all.


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