Sacrifice 犠牲

      Martial arts is a long journey for most of us . It doesn’t end within years or a belt rank. Infact sometimes you can’t even set a goal to move towards . I was talking to a student the other night after training. He is very diligent in showing up for training. And it was nice to hear questions and answers I seek at my level in the conversation.
      When you start in your budo the answers and questions are pretty clear..maybe blurred a bit but your guide book or instructor can help. High  levels on the other hand need Japan,Shihan or constant training and self evaluation to keep you on the right track. The lines are very obsceure and you have to keep reminding yourself of the basic principles as a guide.

Look into the basics

Stay offline (distancing)

Less movement and less muscle

      This doesn’t seem like much but when you create te pyramid off of each waza ( movement) and then add henka it is a lot too look into. The hemka like a good drink shouldn’t be diluted till its weak without content. And if you add too much it is just yours but as a whole it isn’t Budo or Bugei. Be wary of this you  are your worst problem. Accepting movement of your own without any of the principles is very bad. Search for the basics in your movement at all levels.
      Last but not least sacrifice (  犠牲 )one of the toughest parts of training is sacrifice. We all have a life,school,family and jobs. But it is the sacrifice you make towards self study and training or teaching that will keep you right. Many times you will need to miss a family event take time away from school or work. The people that do show there true spirit of Budoka (  戦士の学生  ) warrior student. This sacrifice isn’t simply for your benifit it is there for all around you.



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