Budo the way or Budo life

 Are you training right? Are your students or uke helping you mature in your Budo. Keep in mind that your Budo,  bu (warrior 武 )  do  (way のじゃまになって )must also mean bu  (warrior 武)     (life 一生) isshou, whole life ,existance.
      If it is being taught as art you should have paint and paper there to learn it . Life is a constant study to no end with many paths and doors . You will need to study yourself as well as body machanics and psychology.
     If your uke,s are moving or falling for you you will not grow even if your trying your best to look at the exact footwork and angling. Teaching a student good body mechanics in how to throw an effective punch is good . Teaching a student how to punch so you can more effectively utilize your knowledge is bad. As a student or as an instructor you must descern and decipher the incoming information. If the punch is high,low… fist verticle or horizontal.
      Your understanding of movement is key to your existance and it follows true to life . Your life needs to be steadfast yet moving . Expanding and shrinking to the pressures of the surroundings .
    Go to the well and drink to see the waza go to the stream and drink for the life . Basics are very important to your movement in budo the same as language and manners in life. But taking time out and seeing that life is in constant motion the same as your surroundings and the way human nature changes. This means that you need to study your budo with others and allow your uke to attack in different speeds and in different directions so that you are breathing the life of true budo.
      The basics are a guide to to principle movement our morals at the end of the story. But be aware the staries are different from city to city and culture to culture. The times are evolving is your budo?


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